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20 July 2006

Driving safely

In contrast to my usual relaxed drive to work I was on the motorway today. Tailgaiting seems to have got worse. It's not enough to be safely passing someone and doing the speed limit, no the person behind you wanting to do 90mph seems to think that by driving 6 feet from your bumper you'll feel inclined to speed up and move out of the way. Actually it makes me feel the opposite.

Therefore in order to combat this threat to road safety, I suggest the following.

1. Take one of those devices that sit in a car rear window and measures distance to the nearest obstacle. You can get these for people who never learned to street park and it makes a sound when you get too close.

2. Hook up said device to your car speedometer

3. Have a remote control which will activate a camera that sits in your back window and records the time of the photo and combines this from the output from the distance measuring device thus recording your speed and the distance of the car behind you.

4. Taking one picture will automatically trigger another, say 30 seconds later, so you have evidence that the person was dangerously close for an unreasonable length of time.

5. Take said evidence to police and hassle your MP to encourage this to be admissable evidence.

6. Post number plate of offender on your favourite blog, together with photos. Particularly if it's a company car with a logo on the bonnet I'm sure the company will be interested to know that they employ dangerous drivers.

Well, that should put an end to tailgating. Any takers?
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